How We Work Together With You


We will select the best and most profitable format for you and provide the support of specialists

1. Deposit

You deposit money into your account in our fund

2.1 Trade

You independently trade crypto currency using our software

2.2 AI trade system

Instead of you, a special trader-robot is trading and investing on the basis of AI software

2.3 Proffesional team

Your money is invested and multiplied by a professional crypto trader

3. Success

You earn up to 12-23% monthly!

Why invest in crypto currency today

Save your money

In times of rapid change your money can be eaten up by inflation, criminals, political events in the country, another financial crisis. Investments primarily protect your money from the natural loss of its value.

Assets are only yours

Blockchain technology today is the only real way to encrypt data about transactions and owners of wallets. If you have a crypto currency and you conduct transactions - your financial operations are forever a mystery behind 7 locks.


Highly volatile assets are especially good for professionals. They allow to extract the maximum profit from investment portfolios.

Multiply Your Savings

Nothing can compare with the crypto currency in terms of the growth rate of capitalization. Today it is $249 704 590 585 billions. As a result, ROI from investment exceeds all expectations.

Is it a good time
to invest in crypto currency?


Our investment experts know
that this is the best time

The flat period is passing now and when the capitalization of the crypto currency goes up again, the profit from investments can exceed 30 000%

How we invest our clients' portfolios today

We got 27 billions $ assets under management in portfolios of crypto currency

  • We are part of the Axelcap Capital - the Fund Acquisition Group.
  • We encompasses five major corporations, operating in different directions, with different financial and tangible instruments, exposing variety of opportunities for legal and physical entities.
  • Company concentration emphases on enriching customer experience and capital progression by providing services from all around the globe.

Why we need you and you need us

Just like that. No hidden conditions and difficulties. We are an investment fund and simply doing our work


Some Facts

Our traders make for you up to
23% of profit per month
30+ big corporate clients
who trade with us
Software platform includes
Advanced Safety Protocols
Highest Financial Standarts
Leading Edge Infrastructure
500+ incoming applications
monthly followed by multistage selection based on Axelcap Capital Expertise

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